January 3rd 2017 – Some of the newly bred primocane raspberry selections are showing excellent results in the trials. They appear to be well adapted to warmer climates, like in Southern Europe. As an effect, Onubafruit in Spain has showed some interest in an exclusive license for two of them: ABB 117 and ABB 121.

ABB 117 is an early variety that gives an extremely high production. The production is clearly higher than that of Kweli of Imara. The raspberries have a long shelf life and are suitable for long transport as well. ABB 117 bears high temperatures well and is very easy to grow.

ABB 121 is an early variety too. This variety is giving great results when used for cropping in the winter period. The plants do not stop growing and/or flowering when the day length is short and the light intensity is low. The quality of the fruit is very good during this period. ABB 121 is a step forward in producing raspberries in the first month of a year.

For a number of other new selections the tests will continue, often in collaboration with partners in several countries.


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