9 January 2019 – Sarafina is the latest release from the breeding program of Advanced Berry Breeding. The variety appears to be an excellent addition to the previously introduced varieties Wengi, Shani and Rafiki. This has been confirmed by the extensive trials that have been conducted in Spain, Tanzania and Mexico and other countries.

Sarafina, previously known as ABB 120, produces large raspberries with a bright, orange-red raspberry colour. They have a good taste, are firm and also remarkably easy to pick. In addition, they have an excellent shelf life and are easy to transport. Also during storage the fruit retain their light colour. The plants have a lot of vigour and are easy to grow.

Sarafina is not only suitable for cultivation in moderate climates but also tolerates high temperatures. Therefore, the variety is also suitable for cultivation in Mediterranean and tropical dry growing areas.

Sarafina is a licensed variety. More information about Sarafina and other varieties of Advanced Berry Breeding you will find at www.abbreeding.nl/sarafina/