Sarafina is a new star in the world of autumn raspberries. This variety produces large, exceptionally beautiful raspberries with a bright orange red raspberry colour. The conical, firm berries have good flavour and are very easy to pick.

Sarafina has an excellent shelf life, making it easy to transport. The fruit also retain their light colour during storage. Sarafina produces a high yield and is suitable for cultivation in many climates.

The Sarafina plants grow well and form sturdy, open vegetation with strong laterals. To get large raspberries it is important to maintain ample room for the plants. Sarafina is suitable for ‘double cropping’, meaning the same plants yield a crop in the autumn as well as in the spring.

The laterals do not need much cold to sprout. Sarafina is notably tolerant of the yellow rust fungus. 

The Sarafina variety can bear high temperatures and is easy to grow. Therefore it is suitable for growers in moderate and Mediterranean production areas as well as in dry tropical ones.

Recommended number of canes per linear meter (at a row distance of 2 meter):

Autumn crop: 4 to 6
Spring crop: 2 to 3

Trials autumn crop in the Netherlands

Average fruit weight: 6-7 grams
Primocane yield: 2,0 kg/m2
Days after Polka: 10

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