Breeding: strong varieties for the world market

Advanced Berry Breeding works with its partners on breeding soft fruit. We bundle our knowledge and practical experience, and this approach has borne noticeable results. Our first raspberry varieties Imara®, Kwanza®, Mapema® and Kweli® are highly regarded and are grown worldwide.

Natural genetic variation

Classic plant breeding is our starting point. Along with the natural genetics, we generate varieties that fulfil the desires of grower, market and consumer. The fruit has to be delicious, attractive and healthy as well as sustainable and profitable to grow.

Meticulous selection process

Advanced Berry Breeding brings varieties to the market that offer an optimal, stable yield in various climates. The selection of many promising plants then takes place in a number of countries: the Netherlands, Tanzania and Portugal. Selections are expanded depending on evaluation of shelf life, ‘earliness’, firmness and taste, among other criteria.

Advice on choice of variety

Bundling science, research and practical experience generates valuable knowledge in addition to great new varieties. We advise growers in their search for their most suitable varieties. Growing techniques might be of importance. Read more about cultivation.

Market insight

Through its international network, Advanced Berry Breeding is familiar with the latest developments and trends. We anticipate this properly in our breeding so that growers the whole world over can grow profitable and harvest-secure varieties that satisfy the retail requirements and the consumer’s taste.

Striking variety names

The names of our raspberry varieties are in Swahili and each expresses a specific characteristic. Why Swahili? We came into contact with this beautiful language through our long collaboration with our Tanzanian partner.