Advanced Plants exclusively produces plants of the varieties of Advanced Berry Breeding. We test and analyse these varieties extensively under optimum growing conditions and share the results with our growers.

We constantly monitor plant quality, from production of mother plants up to and including delivery. All commercially available plants of the varieties are virus free and certified by Naktuinbouw.

We develop new ‘high health’ mother plants every year and then evaluate them as to health and true to type. Furthermore, Advanced Plants searches for the more desirable lines in the starting material. Research at Advanced Plants is focused primarily on more efficient propagation of plants and increased plant quality.

In addition to plant propagation by cutting, Advanced Plants also produces plants via tissue culture. These plants are destined for countries where potted plants cannot be imported easily. The plants propagated by tissue culture are used as mother plants in these countries. In a subsequent step they are again tested extensively on true to type identity and health before cuttings from them can be produced.