Mapema® is an early fruiting and easily to grow primocane with a high yield.  This variety produces large, conical fruit with a beautiful, deep colour.  The raspberries are of excellent quality and easy to pick.

Mapema® plants are very vigorous, robust and require little support.  For easy fruit harvest, it is important to limit the number of laterals.  This results in an open crop and consequently improves picking rates.  It is recommended to keep the soil fairly dry at night to prevent the fruit from splitting.

Mapema® fruit release fairly easily when harvested.  They are quite shiny, have an excellent flavour and a fairly good shelf life.

Mapema® is particularly suitable for growing in areas with a moderate climate. The variety is highly appreciated by growers in Central Europe.
The raspberries are usually sold door-to-door or in short chains to supermarkets. Mapema® also appears to be very useful to the industry in addition to the fresh fruit market. The fact that the plant requires very little support is a big advantage.

Recommended number of canes per linear meter (at a row distance of 2 meter):

Autumn crop: 6 to 8
Spring crop: 4 to 5

Trials autumn crop in the Netherlands

Average fruit weight: 6 grams
Primocane yield: 1,7 kg/m2
Days after Polka: 0

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