Rafiki is a new primocane raspberry variety with good application in many growing areas. This variety – generally thorn free – is very easy to grow and produces a high yield. The beautiful fruit have a long shelf life, which enables transport over long distances. These characteristics combined make Rafiki every grower’s friend.

Rafiki is suitable for double cropping, which means that the raspberries can be harvested in autumn and in spring. This variety produces conical fruit of a beautiful colour and an excellent flavour. Harvesting is fairly easy and the fruit release readily when picked later during the day. Partly because the fruit only darken slowly after harvest, a shelf life of
10 days or more is the rule rather than the exception.

Rafiki is suitable for growing in moderate and Mediterranean climates. It tolerates high temperatures and thus this variety also appears suitable for dry tropical climates.

Recommended number of canes per linear meter (at a row distance of 2 meter):

Autumn crop: 6 to 8
Spring crop: 4 to 5

Trials autumn crop in the Netherlands

Average fruit weight: 5 grams
Primocane yield: 2,0 kg/m2
Days after Polka: 8

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